Frequently Asked Questions

In today’s culture you are inundated with things you have to do every day, and driving to and from the spa can take up quite a lot of time. The mobile spa concept is quickly becoming a favourite and convenient way to experience the benefits of spa. Coastal Bliss mobile spa services are fun, unique and versatile. We offer the same type of services remotely as you would find in your local day spa. We are the perfect solution for the busy professional, new moms, seniors, or those with mobility challenges. We provide the perfect union of luxurious spa therapies infused with the intimacy and comforts of home. Ideal for couples looking for the comfort and privacy of their own home, hosting corporate events and Spa Parties serving larger groups for any special occasion.

We are a mobile spa business, so we do not have any fixed office or spa location.  We bring the spa to you!  What a great way to treat yourself and friends to deluxe spa treatments in the comfort of your own home.

A Spa Party is the perfect way to treat yourself and your friends to the luxuries of a day spa in a fun atmosphere – at your home, hotel, event hall or office building. We arrive with all the supplies necessary to set up for the predetermined services required. Depending on the number of people attending the spa party, we will bring adequate number of estheticians to perform the treatments (usually between two to four estheticians), and will try to keep the spa party under 3 or 4 hours maximum.  Corporate events may last longer.

In addition to our excellent spa services, we provide our relaxing themed music and décor. You will need to organize your own food, drinks and other entertainment.

At Coastal Bliss we take on the responsibility to ensure that the team members are provided the appropriate and ongoing training for the product lines being used, and that the team is kept up to date on industry news and provide our customers with effective treatments using products that are of the highest quality. Our Qualified and knowledgeable team will suggest specific treatments that can be added to your treatments to enhance your mobile spa experience or provide an added benefit.

Coastal Bliss is extremely conscious of maintaining hygiene, and as such we ensure that the highest possible standards of cleanliness are adhered to. Don’t be afraid to ask about our sanitation policies and practices. Our team members are completely familiar with their sanitation procedures. Rest assured we set up completely clean workstations, uniforms and tools during your appointment.

Here is our promise:

  • Clean linens and towels are used for each client
  • Disposable gloves are used and protective gear is worn when appropriate
  • Where possible, we provide disposable items, such as gloves, nail files, foot files, orange wood sticks and buffers etc.
  • Individual use of tools for each client. If metal implements are used on more than one client they are cleaned and either disinfected or sterilized between clients using product manufacturer’s guidelines.

You can wear anything you feel comfortable in, it is your own environment after all. Depending on the service we will tell guide you in what areas we need access to properly perform the services booked.  For example open toed shoes for pedicure services to allow dry time.

We provide a 15-minute grace period on all confirmed appointments. After that, the appointment will be cancelled and payment for the full amount of the confirmed services will be due. We cannot guarantee, but will endeavour to provide a full-service if someone is late for their start time. If it fits into the party or event schedule, we will try to accommodate the late guest. Full payment required for no-show appointments. However, if a guest does not show up at a party or event and you have paid for their services in advance, the other guests may take advantage of the treatments that had been previously reserved.

No, you can feel free to mix and match from any of the services from our wide selection.

No, there is no minimum  for the get – together.

For the  Ultimate in “Spa parties”- with the decor , there is a minimum booking deposit of 300$. That works out to be 3 technicians minimum 2  hours each.

You will need a spacious living room or dining area with a nice couch for guests to sit comfortably while receiving their treatments.  You can also offer Chair massages at your event.  The Chair can utilize a small corner.  We can utilize any sized space effectively.

Treatments are performed by licensed and insured technicians. Each takes pride in their services and follow the proper procedures to ensure your safety. Client information forms will be completed at your initial visit and updated at your regular appointments. Some medicines and health conditions may contradict with certain spa services, therefore we review your medical history prior to your selected services being performed. Based on your medical information, a qualified professional may suggest alternative treatments.

We are currently serving the Calgary and the Greater Calgary area, as well as Vancouver Island (Campbell River, Courtenay, Sayward, Comox, Nanaimo, Victoria, and surrounding areas).

We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard.

Our prices are subject to GST.

Gratuities are not included in any service, if you are pleased with the service it is standard etiquette to give a gratuity of between 15% and 25%.

Corporate events a 15% gratuity is added to the event.

Any Parking fees incurred will be added to your total.

***As a reminder we always charge 100% of the service at time of booking.

As a mobile business it takes a considerable amount of planning.

The software is set up internally as well as online for payment while booking. Some of the reasons are as follow;

  • A safety precaution for the technicians. We collect your information as well as take the credit card and process it. This allows us to verify/screen the user at the time of booking.
  • We must process a transaction in full at the time of booking to clear the full cost of the service to prevent the need to track down the customer for payment after recieving the service.
  • The techinicians can not take any form of payment; they prefer not to have that responsibility. In addition to making the process more efficient it would be unsafe for them to travel with payments on hand. This prevents theft and/or loss.
    Please refer to the cancellation policy for information on refunding your booked services.

Yes, there is a minimum $65 booking requirement per technician.


Personal Bookings – Less than 24 hours notice you will be charged 50% of total services booked.
No shows (Under 2 hours notice) will be charged 100% of service fee

Spa Parties – Less than 72 hour cancellation notice will be charged 50% of total services booked. Same day cancellations or no-shows will be charged a full payment of the service booked. However, if a guest does not show up at a party or event and you have paid for their services in advance, the other guests may take advantage of the treatments that had been previously reserved.

Corporate Event –   (2 hours minimum per technician) 50% refundable deposit upon confirmations of total appointments booked.  72 hours re booking notice required. Contact head office for details.

We will introduce ourselves, set up, and then take your lead in the amount of conversation.  We respect your confidentiality.

We invite you to sip, spa and celebrate!

Since everything must be transported, the mobile spa requires an immense amount of planning, coordination and preparation on the part of the business owner ahead of time. From the number of staff, equipment, tools, and products; each booking is carefully calculated to accommodate for the services they will be providing at each location. Although there is some flexibility for last minute changes, it is important to understand that staff may not have the necessary tools or equipment with them to accommodate for changes. Every environment is different and the staff needs to be able to work with their surroundings.

Parking charges will apply when public parking is required.

$15 Destination fee applied where applicable

The spa treatments given are for the purpose of stress management, reduction of muscular tension, developing the body awareness and facilitating the body’s metabolism. Our technicians do not diagnose illness, disease or any other physical disorder.

Please keep the technician updated regarding your medical condition and understand that there should be no liability on the technicians part should you forget to do so. If you have a specific medical condition or specific symptoms, massage or certain spa treatments may be contraindicated.

Inappropriate and rude behaviour will not be tolerated.  We are team of dedicated, professional technicians who reserve the right to terminate treatments and service if the technician feels unsafe at any time and illicit or suggestive remarks or advances made by client (you) will result in termination of the session immediately and the client (you) are liable for payment of the entire scheduled appointment.