It is no secret that the majority of us suffer from one or a few of the following: dry feet,
callous, ingrown toenails, thick nails, excess cuticle, sore feet/legs. Some of these are
especially common here in Calgary, AB where the climate is so dry! Our feet are
probably the most used part of our body and also the most forgotten! A regular spa
pedicure every 4-6 weeks with one of Coastal Bliss’ friendly and knowledgeable
professionals can do the trick to fix most of these problems, but there are actually
some steps that you can do on your own in between pedicure appointments to
maintain healthy feet. Particularly for those of you who cannot afford to get a
pedicure done once a month, or who like to have nice, smooth feet all the time!

1. Invest in a Pedicure Paddle
You have probably seen many different variations of this tool,
but using a professional foot file can do wonders for keeping
callous and dry heels at bay. Keep one of these in your
bathroom and take a couple minutes every few days to scrub
wherever your feet tend to build up dead skin. It is important to
do this at the end of your bath or shower to ensure that any
dead skin has had time to soften and will come off easier. This
will keep the skin on your feet, soft and smooth and will make
your estheticians job a bit easier at your next pedicure

2. Wear Socks and Lotion
We know this may be uncomfortable for some of you, but it really does work wonders!
First you lather your feet in any heavy moisturizer you have, even coconut oil or
another oil of choice would work. Then you cover your feet with socks and preferably
leave this on overnight for best results. This simple treatment is amazing for anyone with
dry, cracked heels, or who wants to wake up with baby soft feet!

3. Keep Your Toenails Square
Many of you might not know this trick, but if you are prone to ingrown toenails, look at
the shape and length that they were last cut. If they are short and rounded, then that
is most likely what is causing this painful phenomenon. The best way to prevent and
treat ingrown toenails, is to let it grow out – place a small piece of tissue paper under
the nail to relieve pain and help the nail grow straight. Then you need to keep the
shape of your toenails more square, which will prevent you from cutting them too short on the corners, which is what will give you an ingrown toenail.
Try some of these tips at home, let us know how it goes, and see the difference it’ll
make on your feet! Our feet tend to be one of the things we neglect the most, even
though we are always using them. So start taking care of them now as a preventative
measure and to add a spring to your step! Give us a call or hit the “Book Now” button
to speak to one of our licensed technicians or to book a pedicure and get a head
start on healthy feet!

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