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Massage therapy is a great way to give your body some much needed TLC. Spa services provide stress relief, relaxation and overall rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul. However, getting to the spa can often be a struggle with a hectic schedule. The thought of relaxation is so foreign to many people that are constantly on the go. However, mobile spa services might just be the answer to fixing this issue.


What is a mobile spa?

A mobile spa is an in-house spa service that comes to you! Whether at home, at a hotel, or in an office, mobile spas transform your location into a relaxing environment for you to get pampered and get some “me time”.


What are the advantages of a mobile spa?

  • Mobile spas are fuss-free ways to bring the spa to your home. No worries about the commute or traffic to the spa. You’ll be able to take that after-spa nap and bubble bath, directly after your session.
  • You’re in a place that you’re comfortable with, which will make it much easier to relax and de-stress and take yourself to that “happy place”.
  • You have your massage therapists undivided attention, and they can tailor your spa services to exactly what you need.
  • You have a spa service basically at your fingertips! All you need to do is book your session and let the relaxation come to you.
  • Mobile spa services are also perfect for pregnant women or new mothers that may not be able to leave the house conveniently.
  • Mobile spa services are also convenient for people with disabilities or limited mobility.
  • In-house spa services are perfect for a private couple’s spa day or a spa day for large groups, such as corporate massages.


Coastal Bliss Day Spa is taking the spa industry by storm and changing the way we’re able to get our self-care! To learn more about Coastal Bliss Mobile Spa treatments and what services we offer, visit our services page. To book your mobile spa services in Calgary or Campbell River, visit our booking page.

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