benefits of corporate massage

Promoting the overall well-being of your team and staff is a priority to many companies. A taken care of team makes a company or organization move like a well-oiled machine. Many companies struggle to effectively do this, as every employee has different needs. Corporate Massage Therapy has recently become more popular amongst companies and organizations to help promote the physical well-being employees and prevent strains on the body that come from every day tasks.


So, how do you know if Corporate Massage Therapy is right for your team?

We understand how the idea of a “massage” in the workplace may cause an employer to be a little skeptical. Due to the belief that massages are associated with sleepiness. However, we promise your team won’t spend an entire workday snoozing at their desks. A benefit of massage therapy is that it actually causes people to feel more refreshed, awake and increases productivity. Investing in periodic onsite massage sessions for your team will have your team going back to work more relaxed, with a clear mind and feeling invigorated.


What are the benefits of Onsite Corporate Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is a great team-building experience and helps each employee feel valued. The process of massage therapy beneficial to companies and organizations of all sectors. Corporate massage therapy is useful for both physical labour and sedentary positions. Many office jobs create a strain on the neck, back, and shoulders. The techniques used in corporate massages focus on areas of the body that are used in a workday. Such as the neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands, and even legs.

Corporate massage therapy also provides stress relief. Stress-related illness is one of the highest contributors to disability claims and sick days in the workplace. Taking the approach of periodic massage therapy has proven to reduce the number of sick days employees take. Using this method can also decrease the number of work-related injuries due to muscle strain.


Why Onsite Massage Therapy?

By choosing onsite massage therapy, you are providing the convenience of a spa right inside your workplace. This makes more periodic massage therapy sessions more convenient and accessible for your team. From small business to large corporations, Coastal Bliss Mobile Spa Services brings massage therapy right to your workplace. 

Book Your Calgary Corporate Massage Session Today

Coastal Bliss’s highly trained massage therapists provide quality services for teams looking to improve productivity through corporate massages. For more information on onsite corporate massage therapy in Calgary, visit our corporate services page. If you’re ready to book an onsite massage therapy session for your team, visit our booking page.

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