5 Reasons Men Should Get Pedicures

Taking care of your hands and feet is important for all, but why are pedicures seen as a luxury only meant for women? Before we start, let’s debunk a common myth: Pedicures don’t mean nail polish. Often men believe a woman’s trip to the spa means picking a bright pink or red and having it applied to your toenails and fingernails. While that is an optional addition, the real purpose of a pedicure is to maintain the health of your feet.

No one likes rough, cracking, or smelly feet – which is exactly why taking the extra step of getting your feet cared for by a professional is extremely crucial in maintaining your overall health (and your overall sex appeal – knocking someone out with awful stench of your feet, isn’t very sexy.)

Of course, men pamper themselves in many other ways – such as getting a fresh haircut and lining up your beard and other body hair, but perhaps adding a pedicure to the mix might just take you the extra mile in feeling good all around – and here’s why:

Pedicures Improve Foot Health

“Who cares about the health of my feet? They’re covered in shoes and socks anyway!” Exactly! Your feet are covered with shoes and socks almost ALL DAY! Which can cause a build-up of sweat and bacteria, which causes diseases, such as Athlete’s Foot. Pedicures can help prevent such diseases and conditions that are caused by poor foot hygiene, as well as help eliminate odours and hard skin on the feet caused by every day activities.


Pedicures Help Relieve Stress

Ever wonder why women can spend an entire day at the spa? It’s a complete stress reliever! Many of the massages performed on your feet during a pedicure are curated to relieve stress and tension built up in that area. With today’s busy world and hectic schedules, having time to yourself can be a difficult task. Pedicures can be very therapeutic and a time for you to focus on “me time.”


male pedicure


Pedicures Help Relieve Foot Aches and Pains

There’s a reason professional athletes like Lebron James get pedicures. Many men have physically demanding jobs that require you to be on your feet all day. The massages you receive during a pedicure are made to help stimulate blood flow and relieve aches and tension in targeted areas of your foot. This helps prevent any physical problems in your feet before they occur.


Pedicures Prevent Annoying Ingrown Nails

Ingrown nails are terrible and painful, and if gone untreated, can cause serious infections in your bone. We’re often not paying attention while cutting our nails. Most times, we are doing it incorrectly which can cause ingrown nails. Your nail technician specializes in safely cutting your toenails to the correct length. Your technician will also bring attention to issues such as ingrown toenails and calluses, that often go unnoticed.


Pedicures Help Keep Your Feet Soft, Smooth & Odour-Free

During a pedicure, nail technicians use exfoliating scrubs and lotions to improve your skin texture and get rid of any dead skin cells or cracking on the feet. Which is especially common on the heels. Keeping your feet moisturized can prevent things such as blisters, cracking, and hangnails. Exfoliation also prevents and removes bacterial infections, which a regular wash is unlikely to get rid of. This not only keeps your feet smooth and healthy but also helps them remain odour free.


So, now that you’ve been given 5 reasons why men should get pedicures and you know that going to the spa for a pedicure doesn’t mean you’ll be leaving with pink sparkly toenails – it’s time to book your much-need pedi. Coastal Bliss Day Spa is a Calgary mobile spa that will bring your pedi right to your home. To book your male pedicure, visit our booking page or visit our services page to learn more about pedicures.

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