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4 Tips on a Clean and Sanitary Makeup Application

Is it important to keep your makeup kit clean and sanitary even if you’re the only one who uses it?

This question is often posed to us by our clients and the answer is always YES.

Makeup cleaning and sanitary application procedures are always necessary when applying makeup, even on your own skin. Skin breakouts can occur as well as nasty infections if proper sanitary makeup application precautions are not taken.


Read on for some of our top tips on how to better your beauty routine and save your skin from bad makeup habits.


  1. Use a Palette Knife or Spatula to scoop out emollient, liquid, or cream based products. By removing the emollient, liquid, or cream based product from its container and working from the palette knife or spatula, you are avoiding contaminating your product’s container. Bacteria can form rapidly on wet product! Yuck! You can also remove the product and place on a Stainless Steel Palette if you need more space to work from. These tools can be sanitized by wiping with 9o% Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
  1. Wipe your powder products with a tissue after each use. Bacteria has a hard time getting its act together on dry products. Stop bacteria in its track by wiping down the first layer of your powder products, eye shadows and powder compacts, with a dry tissue. By doing this, you are removing any oil that has settled on the top of your product, thus circumventing the possibility of oil collecting on the product and producing harmful bacteria.
  1. Wash your brushes each and every night, or after each use. Yes ladies, I know it’s a little time consuming but your face will thank you! You can use baby shampoo, massage the shampoo through the bristles, like you would wash your own hair. Rinse thoroughly and lay flat on a paper towel to dry overnight. To speed up drying, place a fan near the brushes. Follow this procedure and your brushes will be dry in the morning! Avoid blow-drying with a hair dryer because this can make the bristles more brittle over time.
  1. Mascara should be discarded every 6 weeks. For those of you who purchase the “ultimate” in mascaras, which costs $20+ dollars, this may not be what you want to hear. But think of it this way, you will avoid eye infections that can be caused by older mascara.

Developing effective makeup hygiene habits takes a little extra time and effort but with a little practice and with the limitless resources available on the internet, you can easily avoid the cardinal sins of applying makeup and sleep better at night knowing your skin is safe.

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