campbell river spa visit
Visiting our roots

Over the past weekend I had the pleasure of going back to BC – where it all began! It was raining, shocker!  I shouldn’t have been surprised: I heard it had been raining the last 60 days! Well I guess that is why it is so beautiful there, mother nature sure takes care of the WET COAST.
There is no denying the beauty of BC and the island!

Old (Happy) Clients

It was wonderful to see the happy faces of the local Coastal Bliss Clients!
How I love and appreciate our Coastal Bliss Babes (female clientele)  and Coastal Bliss Buds (male clientele).  We arrive with good energy – share a few laughs, leave uplifted, then repeat!  It was a whirlwind weekend with an appointment for each service we offer on our menu, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

New Beginnings

I am so excited to share that I was out there setting up another wonderful team member, who has joined the Coastal Bliss team of technicians!  Campbell River you will love her.

We are making our way across both provinces – why not let everyone Experience Bliss; mind, body and soul.