Experience Mobile Spa Bliss

Mobile spa services like ours are perfect for today’s busy professionals and stay at home parents or, yes, just because you want to!

We are a 5 star quality service!!

The spa is about being lazy and relaxed, what better place to feel totally relaxed than in your own home, on your time, working around your schedule – we bring everything spa to you! Sounds blissful, yes?

Invite us to your office for a one of a kind holiday treat for your hard working employees. That little something is the gift that keeps on giving they will appreciate you for appreciating them – which will only lead to improved morale! Our massage is an easy crowd favourite! We also offer nail and beauty services and packages for a unique holiday gift.

Here is the best part:
We provide better pricing than our leading competitor while delivering the highest quality service with a highly skilled technician right to you!

So, why mobile spa?

Great quality, great price, luxurious, and on your time. Yes, please.